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Memo Pads Large 5 1-2 x 8 1-2

memo pads

Memo Pads Large 5 1-2 x 8 1-2


Memo Pads Large 5 1-2″ x 8 1-2″

Choose from the 12 standard memo pads 5 1-2″ x 8 1-2″ . 1 Color-Black Ink-20LB. White Bond Memo Pads here or create a custom one yourself.

  • Order 10 Pads @ $4.99 Per pad
  • Order 20 Pads @ $3.35 Per pad
  • Order 40 Pads @ $2.47 Per pad
  • Order 60 Pads @ $2.08 Per pad

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Standard Ink Colors FREE with order: Black or Reflex Blue. Note there is a $20 surcharge for other colors.

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Product Description

Customized Memo Pads for Better Branding

Custom Memo Pads can give your brand the effective marketing needs. How? With the abundance of brands advertising out there, making your name memorable to a consumer is a daunting task. With personalized business notepads and memo pads, you can increase your brand’s visibility in a way that doesn’t feel like advertising. Customize promotional Memo Pads with your brand logo and business information and you’ll give your customers a useful freebie while literally being at their fingertips.

You can print customize notebooks here at DRS and use them as a marketing giveaway or  distribute them to your employees for internal use. Customize your sizes and sheets per pad depending on your business needs.We use premium 70 Lb. offset paper in pads of 25,50 or 100 sheets that come padded with a cardboard back. Your personalized notepads will be ready to ship in as few as 4 business days.

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Century Gothic, Copperplate Gothic Bold, Engravers MT, Helvetica, Times New Roman, Brush Medium, French Script, Comic Sans, Other